Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Friday, 18 June 2010


Driving through Michigan, listening to country rock, we hear yet another severe weather warning on the radio - the station gets blocked and a government announcement tells you about the 85mph winds, floods, tornados and other frightening stuff that is about to turn your vacation into a nightmare. We've wrestled on our bike with record winds in Nevada, escaped floods in Arkansas, high winds and storms in Louisville Kentucky, and now here in Michigan too.

I am slightly too fascinated by natural phenomena and have always dreamt of seeing a tornado and the northern lights (I got to be in an earthquake already). This evening we saw the beginning of a tornado (twisting of clouds fingering towards the earth) which touched down only a few miles from us. Weather changes very quickly here - just this morning we were enjoying the wonderful Indianna dunes state park.

Well, all these dreams aside, we are fast approaching the end of our trip, dream time is nearly over and no doubt we'll land in the UK with a thud, and no jobs. We've been giving that a lot of thought. So basically, if you want to give us a job, we're fairly employable, a little out of touch and with no chance of getting up at a reasonable hour, but on the plus side, Neeks now has legal citizenship and an NI number.

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