Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

AIR GUITAR AT PRINCE'S PAISLEY PARK…in my cacks: (Chanhassen nr. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

First Avenue Club -
where Prince performs (in) Purple Rain
Our American roadtrip this time has taken us to monuments and places of interest for  Martin Luther King Jr, Abe Lincoln, Muhammad Ali, Bob Dylan, Frank Lloyd Wright - we've even seen Stevie Wonder play at Bonaroo...
But now as the finale for our US 'Tour of Champions', it was time to visit my long time hero, 'His Horniness', Prince Rogers Nelson. I always recall my Grandpa referring to him as "…that randy little man" which I like to think Prince would have quite appreciated.

Neko performs
"Under the Cherry Spoon"
in Minneapolis
As most of you know, it's been a long time that I've been fantasising about what I'd ask Prince if I ever got the chance to meet him. 
Perhaps on this occasion, it'd be "Happy belated birthday"? (Two weeks late - his birthday is June 7th, same as my old cat).
Arriving in his home town of Minneapolis, ringing the bell and taking the liberty of letting ourselves in to his studio grounds and spiritual home at Paisley Park (as no-one seemed to be in!), I was completely blank for things to say. 

Well... nothing says 'I love you Prince' like playing air geeetar in your nick nacks. 

Actually, Prince has a very good sense of humour, and I figured if he was watching out of a window he'd probably find that quite funny, compared to all the rock journo's and fans in the world asking him, "Who was Darling Nikki?", or "Why didn't you release Camille and Sign 'O' the Times together?", or "Do you think your songs about God changed much after you'd got a whole lotta naughtiness out your system?" (I would actually like to know these). 


Conversely, as he is very protective of his privacy - he may in fact have been horrified by our visit. 
If he'd actually answered the door, he may have retorted, "How would you like it if I turned up at your house in my panties and played air guitar in your front garden?" 

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