Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

OLD MAN PETERS: (Sioux Falls, South Dakota USA)

Grandpa can make anything. You know the way the A-Team would always hide away in some tool shed ('Shop' for y'all American listeners) and after a few hours it seemed, with only some scrap metal and a few spare nuts 'n' bolts would pop out in an armoured tank with a can of whoop-ass…well that's a little like how Grandpa approaches things from his 700 square foot 'shop', fixing their van, or the neighbours lawnmower, or making an illuminated metal cross for their church, all out of things found at a garage sale.

There's a tool for everything in there…in fact there's five of each tool for everything! Talented man. Meanwhile, Grandma is cooking bean soup, Neko's in the yard sewing, Jane is painting. It's the Waltons!

We're not as genetically inclined to be so resourceful in our clan, so I'm glad I've married into a handy family. Until recently, it was a stretch for anyone in our family to even put a shelf up.

On another matter, we saw a load of old photos in Gr&Gr's albums. Fascinating to see Neko's roots. We came across a peculiar pic, one that Grandpa took in earnest, but that we found quite funny. Sorry Grandpa. His cherished pet dog of his youth is seen bounding around, and then...well, dead.

You're not alone in your photographic preferences Grandpa...Grandma Humphrys on Kris' side once amused us all with a group photograph of friends from Church. The lady at the centre of the picture was clearly in pain but mustering up a smile. On further investigation, she had a broken arm. When asked why she would take a photo at such a time, Grandma responded with perfect sense "well, everyone was seemed an opportune moment".

Grandpa is certainly one of the humblest and content people I have met - probably a good idea that we spent a good amount of time with them eh?!!

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