Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Sunday, 6 June 2010


Everyone's whacked out following a seriously fun wedding. Alastair and Erin are showing the remaining wedding visitors the town. We had already been taken, following the rehearsal dinner, to the crazy, wonderful, imaginative City museum (see pic) where we all regressed to giggling playing kids on the slides, scarily high climbing tunnels, and elaborate junk installations. Alastair's favourite building, as well as fulfilling many of our kiddy fantasy's (the one's about having the keys to the museum and being allowed to run around it at night!) served as a fitting metaphor for his gerbil-cage-esque brain.

We now needed some post-party sophistication. We were taken to another St Louis' attraction, BB's Blues Jazz and Soup bar. The first act was a mixed black / white smooth Jazz band with all the licks and tricks you'd expect from pro session musicians. When the next all white band came on and proceeded to sing Reggae with a faux-Jamaican accent (pretty talented otherwise), there was an exodus of black folk with disapproving looks, and just as eagerly, a throng of tie-dyed very white hipsters hit the floor to showcase their moves. We sat where we were.
Our diner-going partners in crime, Nat & Colin, under the hugely impressive St Louis Arch.

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