Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

BASEBALLS FOR BRAINS: (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

We've just enjoyed a great visit to family friends who've been staying in Sydney Australia, Clarice & Jon. They're American and live on a beautiful lake in Indiana and took us jet-skiing and 'tubing' from the back of a speedboat. Such a larf! Good people.

However, we are perhaps most indebted to them for explaining the mystical appeal of baseball, which until now has been akin to watching paint dry, water torture, cricket…stuff like that. Aside from the pleasures that can be derived (beer, hotdogs, organ jingles, the 7th inning stretch), I previously considered it dull at best, and painful at worst. This is despite my old room mate in NYC Neil's best attempts to convert me with the glorious exploits of the Yankees and some time 'in the cage' at Coney Island with him & Richo. I am an honorary Yankees fan, but not a good one.

 Well, turns out I simply had no idea what the hot dog was going on. Learning the nuances between 'walk and steal', 'loaded bases and double-play', 'pitch and slog', has enabled me to follow a live game today at the legendary Cubs Wriggly field without slipping into a coma. My new found enthusiasm for the game is already waning however, as the World Cup footy and Wimbledon get into full swing, and my stash of watery beer and twinkles runs short.

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