Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Monday, 14 June 2010

THE LAND OF THE FREE: (Hodgenville, Kentucky, USA)

Arriving at Abraham Lincoln's birthplace for a quick half hour visit before closing time, we found the gates closed as we realised we had crossed a time zone from Tennessee. Now, having made a 50 mile detour, would Abe have wanted us to choose 'the pursuit of happiness' and the American way….and break in anyways, using our freedom for a noble purpose, but risking perhaps the wrath of the parkies for breaking into a federal state monument? Or should we not 'do a Kris' and wreck our fun road trip with a stay in one of the South's finest penitentiaries? "Let's go in" we thought. The home of the brave…or just plain stoopid in my case.

We opted to go direct to the parkies with the old chestnut, "Since you threw all our tea into the sea and stole our colony, perhaps you could see to it to let us stroll in and take a photo old chap?" The fellow was most genial. You gotta love that American 'can do' mentality. This really is turning out to be a 'Tour of Heroes', with visits already made to Dr King, Stevie Wonder, and President Lincoln, Neko's fav architect Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as plans for the Mohammed Ali museum, and of course, Prince's Paisley Park in Minneapolis. Our visit with Obama has to take a rain check as he's up to his eyes in oil.

The oil is still burning off the surface of the Gulf of Mexico - makes for a pretty sunset eh? Thanks BP.

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