Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

SAD ZOO (Yangon, Myanmar)

Perhaps it was the heat, or possibly the furry rats and mangy street dogs, that increased my lust for all things animal and made us hop into a taxi and travel across Yangon for a trip to the zoo. I had read it was a great colonial gem - a lovely Victorian leftover - literally over a hundred years old and full of exotic creatures.

Upon arrival, our first siting was a great big hippo jumping up on it's hind legs to be hand fed a bunch of greenery. Kris of course got as close as he could to the action. With those big choppers coming dangerously close to the keeper's arm and a group of young monks leaning perilously over the non existent railing, I thought we might have a real feeding frenzy on our hands!

We carried on, but most of the animals were far more dozy, like the beautiful white tiger laying on it's belly in it's own little Raj house just panting away, with it's big tongue hanging out over it's toothy smile.

The elephants were a rather sad state of affairs, just chained up in a concrete area in a small arena where they perform tricks for passing visitors and beg for bananas. Our energy was waning, but no trip to the zoo is complete for Kris without visiting his beloved monkeys.

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