Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

RAT PACK (Yangon, Myanmar)

Yangon rises early and closes early. There are people on the streets selling at market stalls before the dawn, and then come midnight, everyone has gone home or bedded down on the street. I took the camera around for a late wander and found dudes playing cards on street corners and singing. People love to break spontaneously into song here! It's nice.

Not so nice is the clumsily hidden brothels - in a strictly governed, morally restrictive climate, the sex industry has found a home in the illegal mega-casinos springing up near the Chinese border away from the army's control, and then in the cities they are bizarrely in Karaoke bars. We've had some very funny karaoke experiences, with the unfair advantage of being westerners and considered superstars. So we were keen to visit again, but not here. We'll have to head back to the street corners for a spontaneous singalong.

 On the way home, walking through where the fruit market had been, there were so many rats, I actually kicked one with my bare toes in flip flops as it scrambled across the pavement. Eeesh!

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