Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Saturday, 23 May 2015


Military trim ready for the mssion...
We took two old school bicycles and rode them off road, through rice paddies, and up dirt paths, in search of a beautiful waterfall. On the way we passed through a rubbish dump. Myanmar, like a lot of Asia, is still learning how to manage modern life and tourism. 

Later, passing through idyllic little riverside dwellings, we met a couple of families who presented their children to us. Each child seemed to have a birth defect or disability of some kind. We can't help but connect this unfortunate circumstance to the pollution that the dump inevitably creates in their water supply. 
...past the noodle factory
Over the right footbridge?

We wanted to report it to someone. We enquired as to who the local authority was but it all seemed so unclear. Later, in Mandalay, we met a French Journalist, Carole, who was working with environmental NGO's in Myanmar, and wanting to find environmental projects to report on. I let her know about Hsipaw's rubbish problem. Maybe there's hope yet?

When we finally arrived at the waterfall, it was completely dried up.


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