Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

PROCESSION (Nyaung Shwe near Lake Inle, Myanmar)

Laying poolside in our hotel for the first bit of luxury of our trip, we were lured outside onto the street by the sound of drums. We found a procession of women in their finest, all paraded as beauty queens, from the youngest aged five or so, in age order through to women in old age. Some carried offerings of food to be presented at their destination, the local temple.

"Woohoo! A parade..."

At the end of the procession was a young boy. With communication such a challenge in Myanmar, we were at a loss to understand what was really happening - our theories included that perhaps it was a religious initiation of sorts for him, a Bar Mitzvah-esque coming of age ceremony or he was joining the monastery perhaps, maybe he was a mascot or it was just his lucky year to get to be the star of the procession and ride the horse?


Neko did get to speak with a young monk who was half English and took great delight in explaining all about the dancing horse. He looked like he was planning some mischief!

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