Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


We are remarkably amicable so far on this character testing silly idea of a trip considering. Yes, there's been some tears, and words were needed on a couple of occasions. It seems no matter how fast I cycle I just can't get away from her! It doesn't help that we've arrived when Nevada is suffering record high winds that we are going directly (North-East) into. The shocker is not so much the heat (actually pretty nice and do-able this time of year - top research skills) but it's just so dry. Cracked lips, dry eyes, and the fact that we have to carry masses of water is hard.

Neko's actually been a trooper and dug deep. It's not exactly a fortnight on the Costa del Sol. Keeping up the good motivational work, Kris continued to encourage the good wife with the main selling points - raise money for a good cause, get fit, stare at my gorgeous behind for a fortnight, get an awesome tan...and glossed over the heat, desolation, dry skin, having to stare at my calloused behind for a fortnight, and the small matter of a six and a half thousand foot climb out of the valley.

Once we'd cycled the length of the valley, we actually got a little help through one of the most barren waterless sections of the desert on the other side (no water for 60 miles) and caught a ride in a kind couple's RV! Don't worry though, we've suffered and put the miles in, as is customary for these sponsored thingys. Thinking of George and cuzn Seth on their Birthdays.

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