Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

GUARDIAN ANGELS: (Death Valley to Yosemite, California, USA)

We cycled the whole length of Death Valley - it was a joy. Now there's the slightly annoying obstacle of the Sierra Nevada range! Thankfully, as we head for the hills and beyond to Yosemite, Neko has acclimatised, got stuck in, and I haven't had to give her a backy all the way by any means - she's solid. Trouper.

We've also experienced a lot of kindness on our journey: we were travelling a little heavy with extra water by the time we reached Furnace Creek in Death Valley. 'Parky Joe Snow', the park ranger who'd done a Forrest Gump walk across America, kindly took a box of superfluous things off our hands to post onwards - you know, dead weight like extra marshmallows, leather chaps, Kris' hair products, cyanide pills, stuff like that. 

'RV Chuck and Teryl' gave us a ride through the most barren bit (so we didn't have to carry half our body-weight in water…or die, which would have put a dampener on things).

'Walker Pass Joe' gave us a refill of water as we summitted the 5,300 ft Sierra Nevada pass.

'Jonathan the Jeweller' gave us oranges when we pulled into our camp site after dark.

'Andie & Biker Rick' put us up for two nights in their spare room whilst we stopped by in beautiful Kernville for white water rafting.

'Banjo Jon' gave us a ride for a few miles when our gears jammed until we realised he was a tad drunk. We stayed in town (Mariposa) for his concert.

There's good people all over the world.

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