Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Saturday, 1 May 2010


We've been staying with an old school friend of Neko's, Jeff and his fiance Kelly. They've been stars, running us around getting the final bits & bobs for our bike trip and searching for bus companies, or willing people with a truck, to take us the first 120 mile leg to death valley to start our trip. Jeff mentioned that the only people who drop you off in death valley are gangsters. Moments later, he told us his buddy Jerry was free to take us in his truck.

Thankfully Jerry is a decent chap, and we frisked him for silencers and shovels before heading out. We've been doing the final checklist for our intrepid exploring…everything you could need for a relaxing jolly to death valley: factor fifty lotion, butt-so-bigg cycle shorts, suicide pills. We've had a facebook message from our best man Richo stating that having warned us, he takes no responsibility if we get a divorce because of this stupid idea of a trip. 'Au contraire' my overdressed friend, the Griffins are solid, and aside from the occasional complaint when Neko digs the spurs in too hard, it's all love and good times.

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