Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

THE BEAR FACTS: (Yosemite Valley, California, USA)

Bear fact #1: Bears can actually break into your car and take your food. The really clever ones can hot-wire the engine too.

We've arrived in Yosemite valley and we're just a matter of days from finishing the cycle tour. We've managed so far to get by with no flat tyres, two sets of alternating undies, and only two squabbles (we resolved Kris' hygiene and manners could improve). Kris is losing sight of the 'healthy lifestyle' aspect of what we're doing and is of a mind that the trip is in fact a glorified burger tour of the west. More miles...more boigers.

Bear fact #2: Bears will equally go for some scented shampoo as they will for real food. In Yosemite valley, there are over-engineered metal lockers for campers' food, shampoos, scratch and sniff stickers, whatever may take a bears' fancy.

Bear fact #3: Neko likes Bears. She has fulfilled another life-long dream to be in cuddling distance of something furry and bigger than her (Tigers and Kris so far) when we saw a bear out in the wild. We took a pic for our God-daughter Florence and for all yo doubters out there.

Well we have the final leg to go in Oregon. We've gone from the desert under sea level to the snow line! We've appreciated all the kind messages of support. We're really motivated by the fact that we're raising some bucks already (checked online) for the good work going on in Greece. We hear there's riots going on there following government public spending cuts as their economic crisis continues - the people who will come off worst of course are the country's poorest, as usual. I don't suppose the billions of EU aid for their economy will be seen by your average person until they've suffered a while. Please do sponsor us - your donations will make a great difference over there. We love you all. We're nearly there.

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