Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

LIFE-LONG LEARNER: (Kerala, India)

Ten days on the beach for Christmas with the Herberts - fab! Great to be joined by Charlie, Archie, Polly & Trev. It's been nearly six months, and whilst I love the travelling, and the beach here in Kerala, there's a risk my brain is going a little soft. As well as the stimulating and educational experiences we value so much, it's a good idea to read things to stay sharp. The problem is, that reading has a fairly narcoleptic effect on me. Imagine my life as a Uni student - for those of you who were there, I won't let you re-live that thought for too long. We have a few inspiring and interesting books in the backpack: Obama's autobiography; 'The god of small things' Arundhati Roy;  Ghandi's life & ideas, CF Andrews; 'The time travellers wife' etc. I'll normally start one, on my four-page-an-hour pace, N will then typically pick it up at a cafe and read half the book. Then we'll try reading to one another so that I'll keep up, but clearly I was read to sleep as a child…and the usual snoozing happens. So, I've been doing several sudukos a day to keep my brain out of the gutter. Off for a cruise on the backwaters in a rice boat next.

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