Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

HAPPY CAMPERS (Murray River, South Australia)

Wayne Dermody seeks out quiet places to sit, sun, and fish alongside the thousand of miles of rivers in Australia’s Outback. We met him at the quiet and remote Cadell campsite on the Murray River. He served in Vietnam, came back and joined the police force, and wished he'd stayed on rather than leaving to odd-job around Oz. He had a girlfriend with four kids for six years. He finally left simply saying "I'm gonna split." She said "righto." Only then, did he learn to drive at age 50, and off he went on the road.


Wayne goes to occasional Vietnam vet reunions, keeps a collie called Shaggy and lives a simple life out of his Ute (Utility Vehicle / Truck). Everything he needs is right there. He’s on route to a reunion now. Along with his sister, these guys are the only people he keeps up with. To earn a few more bucks for the road, he will soon return to his work digs on a sheep station in Western Australia. He feels like his time is running out to keep doing physical labour as he gets old and out of breath. Wayne smokes 40 roll ups a day.

For Wayne, it’s never too late to start traveling, but it may be too late to stop.

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