Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

OLD FRIENDS - Mornington Peninsular, Australia

Our good old family friends, Dave and Jane, are on a big Aussie holiday. We’ve come to visit them whilst they house sit on the glorious Mornington peninsula where it’s all ‘vineyards and sailing clubs’…darling! On the house tour, I spotted a rather fancy carbon road bike with the name MEKK emblazoned across it.

I asked when back in the kitchen for a welcome coffee whose bike it was, and remarked that it was a rare sight in Australia, and that someone in my family actually makes those bikes. Jane went quiet (really unusual!) and got chills as she replied that her brother-in-law actually makes those bikes. Following a brief horrifying (for Jane) moment where we thought we may be related, I explained that my cousin Ken Knight is the KK from MEKK bikes. Jane replied that Mark Edwards, or ‘ME’ from MEKK, is her sister’s husband, and not only that, but he is on his way here to the house to stay tonight! What the..!!!!! He’s just been to see the ‘Tour Down Under’ bike road race.Ker-azy huh?!

Jane it turns out, has known my cousin Ken for many many years, and all this time had never joined the dots together. Mark, Jane’s sister Sarah, and their son Jack were great fun and we all spent a riotous evening drinking far too much local wine, and retelling stories, like long-lost family.

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