Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

PLAIN SAILING (Pittwater, Australia)

We didn't come out to just swan about and enjoy the sunshine and the family's famously kind hospitality. We both want to make some progress with professional and artistic aspirations. Tricky this creative professional lark though.

Obviously we’re busting a gut to land some work - I’ve managed to recut my showreel, Neko made me a website, we've sent out a tonne of emails to contacts here, I've had a couple of interviews for local jobs....and now?…and now I'm off sailing, then it's to the clubhouse for drinks, then Joel and I have a tennis match! Well, it's all about networking darling.

Really, I was allowed to become part of the crew on a 40 foot racing yacht, competing against the likes of 'Wild Oats', Australia's premiere racing team. It's nuts! With my reputation for sinking boats (Motorboat with Jean Phillippe, Queensland 1995, Katamaran with my brother Jesse, Jervis Bay 2001), I can only assume they were duped by my piratey Bristol heritage and my willingness to sport a beard and stripes. I'm working on my limp.

So far, I have a couple of days a week tutoring on a media course at a local college, and I'm scheduled to shoot a music video next month. The rest of the time, it's all 'tacking and spritzers'! This freelance thing is turning out to be plain sailing.

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