Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Sunday, 22 November 2009


Never mind the menacing looking cut throat razors, and the fact that our street audience didn't seem to be 'laughing with us', 20 Rupees and the promise of the removal of my ferociously itchy and unbecoming beard, wooed George and me into the seats of this street-side barber. What I think our assailants heard was "Gimme a quick shave…and a full movie star beauty treatment please". In addition to the shave, we sat through unannounced massages, scrubbings, and other brutal rituals, bamboozled from one to the next. Before you can say "wallah wallah" there's a 1000% increase on the price and a smile, following what we were assured was "the best shave in Delhi". Complimentary skin lightening cream ensured any efforts to maintain a tan were scuppered. Hair product made with all Indian products (what a privilege…these ingredients aren't even available or legal in other countries) ensured my hair was stiff & sleeky for a week, like Bollywood's best…despite shampooing vigourously.

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