Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

DROP THE 'GOD COMPLEX': (Gallilee, Israel)

Since Cappadocia, I've been pretty ill and not really attending to my increasingly furry face. How timely that we arrive now in Israel, fully bearded*, in sandals, having fled exile in Egypt. I drew the line at arriving by donkey.

Coming to Israel is really important to me. People who know me know that I take my spirituality seriously, but seriously…what's with the beard?! I've always been first in line to judge any of my bearded compatriots (somehow it's less sinister for people overseas). Just what are 'beardies' hiding anyway? By way of apology, all I can say is that the darn thing just crept up on me!

Our host JP was not so gracious and in fact reminded me of my last serious 'god complex' case - it was 2 years ago, saying goodbye to Jez &Ana before they left to Australia. A Saturday night trip to the pub, was followed by some testosterone fuelled fence-climbing antics, and several lacerations to various parts of the body. When I was driven to A&E by JP, I received some quizzical looks by the triage nurse: "… it's the early hours of Easter morning, you have holes in your hands and side, your friends have abandoned you, and your name is...?" I narrowly escaped a referral to the Psychiatric unit. For now, I've dropped the beard.

I hope you enjoy the pics of JP and I walking on water at Gallilee.

*Neko wasn't bearded too…v.'Life of Brian'
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