Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Monday, 3 August 2009


Today was a bit rainy, so while we were hoping to get up and out to see the capital city a bit more, instead we slept in. Then we wandered into town to meet Tina and Torfinn for lunch in at the Markthall. Tina is super busy planning a conference in Thun next week for a bunch of researchers from across the globe, but somehow she got to take the afternoon off. After some great Asian food, we met Simon and he drove us up into the Emmental to visit a cheese maker before going to Hasle Ruegsau to see the rest of The Rothenbuhlers - it was great to see them again after 5 whole years since Tina and I went interailing together! How quickly the time flies by...tomorrow we are heading into the Bernese Oberland for a bit of camping in the Alps. And the forecast says sun, so wish us luck. More to come...

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  1. Looking for more adventure pics of the Griffins Flight!

    Where in the world is my Neko? Kris, take good care of my baby!!! Love you, thru & thru!!!