Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Saturday, 15 August 2009


Our desire to go wine tasting and picnicing combined Kris' need to conquer the Gorge du Verdon from the water meant we headed to Haute Provence for a few days of camping, kayaking and fun. Leaving behind the luxury of Chez Schonette, we slept our first night in the car on Lac du Crois because all the campsites were full! It was hot and I was annoyed with the mozzies, but we managed to get a few hours kip before our early water excursions up the gorge...which proved to be a vigourous workout, but well worth it! The smells of wild herbs and crystal clear water flowing over mini waterfalls was priceless. Then we headed into stormy skies north to Digne-Les-Bains across the recently shorn fields of lavender, where we camped overnight just outside the quiet, but slightly boring town of Digne. Then we headed to Lac du Castellane, stopping along the way to go on a crazy hike to see some ridiculous remnants of fossils, before we found a quiet place to camp on a nearby organic goat farm...the following day we drove towards St Tropez, making it to St Maxim before giving up as the traffic was horrendous! Swimming in the sea at sunset staring across to St Trop was enough for me!

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