Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Thursday, 6 August 2009


So we camped in the Bernese Oberland, next to the lake in Brienz - about half an hour past Interlocken. We woke up early, packed up and headed towards the Grimselpass...the sun was already geting hot and the sky was that perfect shade of bright blue. We cranked Puccini up and drank in the atmosphere, wind in our faces, chests vibrating from the bass...feeling absolutely miniscule beneath the towering peaks above! What more could you want? How about a beer and a picnic in the sun by a glacial lake at the top!? Tick that box. How about another mahu-sif-fat Furkapass that takes you up to where the Glacier of the Rhone is? Tick that box. How about crossing into Italian Switzerland at sunset and finding yet another fantastic place to set up camp in a valley next to a river called Acquarossa? Tick tick tick. All I can say is it was a day we'll never forget.

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