Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

GETTING A SWEAT ON: (Aleppey, Kerala, India)

We followed up our delightful backwaters trip with Les Herberts and Spinkette, with a canoe ride to some of the smaller Keralan villages. It was beautiful.

I did some more of that thinking around how comfortable we might be with someone physically working for you - never sits easy being cycled around in a rickshaw, or rowed in a canoe. Until now, I have in fact hired a rickshaw on the proviso that I do the cycling whilst the driver sits in the back. But then my discomfort with human labour probably arises because I can see them doing it, unlike when Asian farmers pick my fruit, Africans mine minerals for my mobile phone use, or South Americans picking my coffee. Not sure why I feel a bit better about builders fixing my ceiling? Probably because they normally rip me off.

Anyhoo, enough thinking about social justice, equality, and blah blah blah. Just enjoy the view right? What a troubled soul. Inspired by the scenery Neko thought about colours to decorate the front room, and the usual puppies and kitties...whilst I picked up a paddle and joined the paddling at the front of the boat.

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