Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

THE 'AMERICAN' WAR: (Saigon, Vietnam)

Now named Ho Chi Min City after the victorious post-war leader, the city ensures through it's war museum, that the atrocities committed in that bleak and paranoid commie-fearing period, are not forgotten. The figures on the numbers of bombs dropped during the 'American war' - more in one operation than in the entire 2nd World War, and other factoids, staggered us. There are all sorts of facts and figures hotly contested still, both 'sides' accusing the other of messing with statistics to serve their own purposes. Of course this doesn't happen much in politics so it's quite a scandal.

Another fact that astonished me was that when America left its puppet army (S.Vietnamese), they left them armed to the teeth, such that they had the 4th largest airforce in the world! Thankfully America don't arm people in volatile areas in the same way any more, as history has clearly taught lessons from Vietnam. Naturally, the quickly re-developing nation doesn't possess such a vast airforce anymore as it is fairly expensive to run. Should the need to commit war crimes and ecocide (I liked that term) crop up, then as America has its hands full right now, it could be suggested they use one of the many emerging budget airlines to bomb their countrymen. Only, if their airlines are anything like the Ryan Air's of this world, they'll probably have to drop the bombs in a neighbouring country, then bus them for 20 hours to their intended destination. No doubt, some far off and supportive country or another would lend a hand.

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