Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Monday, 20 April 2015

MUSIC VIDEO (Sydney, Australia)

What happens when you take a bunch of students with high-falutin’ ideas and no money, with a whimsy to make a music video underwater, and combine them with an idealistic camera man with a bug up his ass? It wasn't an easy ride!

Firstly, it's hard to make a music video underwater when the lead actor can't swim. Seriously! That’s some bad planning right there. Add to that, hours in an unheated swimming pool, no breathing apparatus, and several spider bites, and you got yourself one helluva weekend! Pretty annoying. I'm not sure what the spider was, but it gave me a cracking headache and the shivers for 24 hours. I’m not sure I deserved that after rescuing a white tail from our laundry…the nasty flesh rotting ones.

Contrary to what people might assume given the localised swelling, the bug wasn't actually UP my ass.

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