Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

BACK IN BLIGHTY: (Dover to Bristol)

So, part of this year has been about rethinking what we're going to do next. We left our jobs with no intention to return to them. We're open to starting a family sometime...not in a hurry, but glad to have the travelling together unfettered thing done - we'll always be able to travel with kids too, but it's different that's all.

Well, I've just been accepted onto doing a Masters in Film & TV Production at Bristol Uni. Big departure for me in some ways, not sure if I'm just chasing a silly dream, or if I'm lacking the talent needed, but I'd rather not have the regret of "what if's" hanging over me. I always remember when nursing some time ago, an old lady telling me that she had far bigger regrets about the things she hadn't done than the things she had. That always stuck with me.

We are loving being back - the rhythm of evening commitments - home group, band & footy, the familiarity of friends and family, the restfulness of our own space and the excitement of a new year ahead. Neko is looking for work...

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