Come along for the journey!

Come along for the journey!

Thursday, 29 July 2010


Why is it you know you're going to get good times and relaxation in some countries, and end up with some travel horror stories in others? After a genteel jolly through Sarajevo, we were stopped by the police on one of the major roads north. Flagged over, I was asked to step out of the vehicle and come to the patrol car. I was informed that our lights were on and that "…we have to punish you". Seriously. Scarey words when you're not even in the EU.

I was curious, because I had read at the border and online that Bosnia requires lights to be on all the time. "Ah, yes but not the side lights". It's raining, with dark clouds overhead, the sidelights seem reasonable. "Oh no, we have a set fine for having extra lights on…35 Euros". This I was informed had to be paid at a local bank, whilst our passports were held and we returned with a receipt. Bonkers. I spoke to the English speaking younger officer and asked why it wouldn't be reasonable to simply warn us given the ambiguity over the requirement. He replied there was nothing he could do as the non-English speaking older officer was calling the shots. I was keen that if I was going to have to pay the money in this 'good cop bad cop' situation, then at least I'd get my 3500 cents worth across.

I said to the young cop, that it is no wonder the police have a bad reputation, not just in his country, but in many countries. "I know" he said, "but what can I do? He's the boss". "Well I'll pay the fine, but you know this business can stop with him - when you're calling the shots one day, you'll be able to do things differently right"? Around about now, I was getting ready to have my pious butt thrown into jail…but I was pretty annoyed.

I stood resigned to the fact that this was the way it was whilst they continued processing paper work. Moments later, the 'bad cop' returned my passports with the younger cop saying "You're lucky, you can go".

I'm a tad feisty in the face of injustice. Gonna get me in trouble one of these days. Incidentally, this blog entry wins the prestigious 'Nekolina best title award' for innovation.

Incidentally, still had no camera battery at this time, so you'll have to settle for a pic of when Neko was pulled over in Oregon.

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